Suffolk Snake Removal

snake removal 013Suffolk Snake Removal with Animal Control Solutions provides snake removal and snake control throughout Suffolk, Virginia and the surrounding areas including Newport News, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Hampton and Chesapeake. The most common times that customers are likely to see a snake are the spring, summer, and fall. Snake activities tent to die down during the winter months.

There are two possibilities of venomous snakes being in the Suffolk area the first possibility is a snake called a copperhead. A copperhead is a venomous snake that grows to approximately 36 to 40 inches long and has black hourglass shapes a crossed its entire length of body. The main coloration on this copperhead is the color of a Copper penny. The snakes can be very aggressive and are venomous and they should never be approached always called professional to deal with this type of snake.

Cottonmouth snakes are another commonly found snake species in Suffolk, Virginia. They are commonly active at night but have been known to bask in the sun on rocks near streams and river edges. They are usually about 2-4 feet in length and dark olive or black in color. When they feel threatened, they will open their mouth and expose their fangs and a white lining of their mouth.

If you have a snake that you are not sure about call a professional wildlife control operator today, Never take a chance, call Animal Control Solutions at 757-777-9846 today!