Suffolk Bat Removal

IMG_0174Suffolk Bat Removal with Animal Control Solutions handles bat removal and bat guano clean up throughout Suffolk, Virginia and the surrounding areas of Norfolk, Portsmouth, Hampton, and Virginia Beach. We are a full service Wildlife Removal company that provides bat removal, bat proofing, bat exclusions, and services to cleanup bat guano(droppings). Bat infestations are becoming more common throughout the metropolitan and urban areas of Suffolk, Virginia and need to be handled as soon as the first sign of a bat in your home. The sooner the issue is taken care of, the less damage and less expensive it will be to remove the problem.

There are several different methods of removing and controlling bats from your Suffolk, VA area home and attic. The method to remove bats are called a bat exclusion. Bats are federally protected and cannot be harmed. A bat exclusion is a way of sealing the home and allowing the bats to exit naturally. Once all the bats are out of the attic the home should be sealed to prevent any other bats from entering the home. This is the most efficient way to handle bat infestation problems in Suffolk,  VA.

Bat Guano Cleanup

Bat Guano(droppings)
Bat Guano(droppings)

Often times the removal and control of bats requires specialty equipment including man lifts and other high reaching platforms. Bat guano cleanup also requires other specialized equipment including state of the art vacuum systems that are designed specifically for the removal of bat guano from attic areas of homes and buildings. This vacuum system allows for safe removal of guano that prevents any guano and its particulates from contaminating other areas of the home. Never use a regular vacuum to handle bat dropping removal. The best way to prevent health risks associated with bat droppings is to avoid situations where the droppings and items that are contaminated by the droppings can be inhaled.

The most common health risk of bat guano is Histoplasmosis.  Histoplasmosis is a fungus disease that affects the lungs when you breathe.  Symptoms is fever, chest pain,  dry cough, fevers, headaches, encephalopathy, and even in rare cases death. It is highly recommended that only authorized personnel should be present during the bat guano removal process and the process should be handled by a professional wildlife control company. Avoid the chances of your family getting sick call Animal Control Solutions at (757) 777-9846 today!