Suffolk Raccoon Removal

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Suffolk Raccoon Removal with Animal Control Solutions provides Raccoon Removal and Raccoon Control throughout Suffolk, Virginia and they surrounding areas of Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, and Chesapeake. Raccoon Removal is often times a very complicated task, raccoons are very intelligent animals and have learned to adapt to urban living very well. Don’t be fooled by their cute and cuddly appearance, raccoons are one of the most destructive animals that wildlife control operators deal with. Raccoons are able to go to great lengths to find food. They are expert climbers and have been known to dig holes while searching for food. This pest will dig under sheds, decks, and around the foundation of your property while can lead to damage to the structural integrity. The Wildlife Technicians at Animal Control Solutions are specially equipped and expertly trained to handle the removal and control of raccoons and other nuisance wildlife that may be invading your home or business.

Suffolk’s Common Raccoon Problems:

  • Raccoons in attic
  • Raccoons digging holes in your house
  • Raccoons tearing up attic insulation
  • Raccoons smashing insulation
  • Poop damaged insulation from Raccoons
  • Raccoons damaging duct work
  • Raccoons digging holes in attic screens
  • Raccoons can be a nuisance pest in Hampton VA

These animals will often cause damage to duct work, roof shingles, gutter systems, attic insulation, and will become very aggressive to protect their young. In many instances a raccoon must be trapped in order to be removed; however there is new technology that lets wildlife control operators remove raccoons very successfully without ever having to trap them. This does two things it allows the animal to relocate naturally and eliminates the animals from ever coming into contact with humans by means of being trapped.  This is the most humane method to of Raccoon Removal.  It resolves the wildlife conflict in the most humane way in which Animal Control Solutions was hired to solve.

Don’t let the raccoons of Suffolk overtake the attic or crawlspace of your home. Contact a professional animal removal company immediately. Raccoons can be a very dangerous animal and an inexperienced person should never attempt to remove raccoon contact Animal Control Solutions of Suffolk at 757-777-9846.